Rush by Martin Club Smoke Dual Pump Unit

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Rush by Martin Club Smoke Dual Pump Unit Product no.: 9000-0017-9723 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


This Pump Unit forms the base of the Rush by Martin Club Smoke Dual system. This unique system can pump a up to 10 litres of fluid over a distance of 50 metres at a height difference of up to 10 metres! You can also power up to six different smoke heads which are divided over three zones. These impressive numbers indicate the system's professional quality, which should come as no surprise, as it's based on the similar Magnum Club Smoke system.

Rush Club Smoke Dual Pump Unit: control

Where regular smoke machines require you to power each device separately, Rush chose to go with a centralised approach. All you have to do is send a DMX signal to the Pump Unit, and it will distribute that signal and the required smoke fluid to the relevant heads. You can also choose to operate the system manually using the on-board control panel, and there's even a separately-available wireless remote control that allows you to control the installation from a distance. Finally, there's also a timer function for a steady, controlled output level.

Club Smoke Dual system

When you use multiple smoke machines, each device is usually equipped with its own fluid tank. If these devices are mounted in difficult locations, such as on a truss for instance, you'll have to take the machine down to refill the tank, or get up there yourself. However, with the Rush Club Smoke Dual system, fluid distribution is centralised. You just have to make sure the central Pump Unit is filled up, and it will distribute the fluid to connected fog heads or haze heads. Both heads use the same type of fluid.

Tips or comments about this product

Please note that it comes with a power cable without a plug.


Product features

  • Remote control connector With connector
  • Number of DMX channels 4
  • DMX yes
  • Wireless remote no
  • Built-in light/laser effect no
  • Low fogger no
  • Maximum output smoke machine irrelevant
  • Output direction irrelevant
  • Power smoke machine 0 - 499 watts

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 15.0 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 51.0 x 51.0 x 35.0 cm

Product specifications

  • smoke machine system
  • part: pumping system
  • suited for: 3 zones, 6 smoke heads
  • fluid tank capacity: 10 litres
  • controls:
    • DMX: 4 channels
    • manual: on-board control panel
    • remote control: optional
  • maximum distance:
    • Pump Unit – Fog Head: 50 metres
    • Pump Unit – Faze Head: 10 metres
    • high difference: 10 metres
  • connectors: 3 and 5-pin XLR
  • dimensions: 257 x 415 x 431 mm
  • weight: 13.4 kg


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Rush by Martin Club Smoke Dual + Showtec

Product no.: 9000-0026-3277
  • Rush by Martin Club Smoke Dual Pump Unit
  • Showtec 230V rubber schuko connector male black
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