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A speaker, in combination with an amplifier, is responsible for producing sound from all sorts of equipment including mixers, DJ sets, musical instruments and even televisions. If a speaker has an amplifier built-in, it's known as an active speaker. Generally speaking, for larger spaces, larger, more powerful speakers are needed. To ensure the best sound quality, it's important to buy the speakers that match your requirements and that holds true whether you're buying them for home use or professional applications.

Speakers come in all shapes and sizes and there really is something for everyone. Whether you're in a band, part of an act, or you have a club, there are speakers for you. We stock everything from portable PA speaker systems to compact portable speakers to mobile line array sets to suit budgets of all sizes. You can also put together your own set, of course, and choose between active or passive full-range speakers in combination with a subwoofer and an amplifier, if you like.

Wireless speakers

These days, speakers no longer need to be tethered to cables in order to produce music. Technologies like Bluetooth means that music can be streamed from a wide variety of sources wirelessly and if the speaker you choose is battery powered, you won't need to be anywhere near a power socket either! That gives you greater freedom than ever before.

Home, studio or stage

Speakers designed for home use are different from those designed for the studio, as are those designed for the stage. At home, you want your speakers to produce the best sound possible, but when you're in the studio you want to hear the sound as it actually is, which is important for mixing and mastering, for instance. If you're buying speakers for the stage, however, you'll want to make sure that they cover as much of the room as possible so that the entire audience will be able to hear the sound properly.

Speaker accessories

Some speaker accessories like cables are essential, while others like speaker stands and protective items like covers, bags and flight cases can be considered optional. If you plan on transporting your speakers regularly, however, investing in a good-quality cover, bag or case is a sensible idea. Should any part of your speaker ever need replacing, or if you want to build your own speaker, you'll be glad to know we offer various speaker components in a separate category.

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