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The Samson Expedition XP300 is a portable 300-watt PA system that you can set up in no time. It consists of a 6-channel mixer and a set of 6-inch lightweight speakers.
Delivered quickly within 4 business days
4 business days
As a professional entertainer, it's best to take your own PA system with you on the road, like the Samson XP800! This set has a gorgeous full-range sound and enough inputs for a modest-sized band.
Delivered in 7 weeks.
7 weeks

This super-practical set of 2 speakers and a complete 4-channel mixer are powerful enough for small to medium-sized venues. You can click and slide everything into a single package and take the system with you one-handedly.

Delivered in 6 weeks.
6 weeks

Ideal for mobile artists who don't want to be dependent on another person's PA! This compact set consists of 2 speakers (10 + 10 inches) with mixer and cables. Incl. 4x mic/line and 3x stereo, EQ, effects, etc.

Delivered in 5 weeks.
5 weeks
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