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Smoke machines are relatively cheap devices that can add a very nice effect to your lighting show. With the smoke that is produced by this machine, the light beams of light effects, scanners, moving heads and lasers become more visible. Smoke machines can be subdivided into three categories. We have traditional smoke machines (foggers) that emit thick smoke plumes, fuelled by smoke fluid. These plumes fill the room with a thick fog.

The total opposite of this is the hazer that produces a very light, transparent haze by means of special hazer liquid. This haze also makes your light beams more visible but you will still be able to see the entire room. A combination of these extremes comes in the form of a fazer, which is a smoke machine (fogger) that produces a light haze by means of smoke machine fluid combined with a fan. Some smoke machines are delivered including a remote control, others can be controlled via a DMX controller.

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