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PAR cans are classic lights that you can see in theatres, showrooms and other venues where walls and objects need to be lit. PARs can be discerned by their stylish housing, and are available in a number of standard sizes, like the PAR 30 and PAR 56, for instance. If you want to buy regular PAR cans with a halogen lamp, please note that they don't always come with a lamp included. If you want a suitable lamp, you can visit our PAR Lamps section. The lamp, not the housing, is also responsible for the width of the beam, which can differ from VNSP (Very Narrow Spot) to WFL (Wide Flood).

Nowadays, many people choose LED PARs. Not only can they be used as soon as they're turned on, butthey also consume a lot less energy and produce less heat than their halogen counterparts. If you're not necessarily looking for a traditional PAR, you can also take a look at our LED external spotlights. In theatres, specific spotlights are used. They can produce a smoother, narrower light beam than regular PARs. However, these regular PARs can be used anywhere on stage as (less prominent) background lighting. | trustpilot