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Proel's EBN8LU10 is a 10-metre long 8-way multi-cable with eight XLR inputs and eight XLR outputs.
Available in 8 business days.
8 business days
With the 15-metre-long, 8-way Proel EBN8 multi-cable stagebox, you can lay up to 8 cables quickly and easily without getting in a tangle.
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In stock
Prevent a mess of cables with the 12-way XLR EBN804 stage block by Proel. It has a 25m-long XLR multi-cable and features 8 inputs and 4 outputs.
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In stock
Delivered in 5 weeks.
5 weeks
The Proel EBN1204 multicable has 12 XLR input connectors, 4 XLR output connectors and is a whopping 25 metres long. In the studio as well as on stage, this multicable provides all the solutions to your audio challenges!
Available in 12 business days.
12 business days
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