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Keeping your precious guitar or bass safe on the way to gigs, rehearsals or lessons is simply common sense and a good case or gig bag is an essential accessory. Every kind of bag or case comes with its own advantages, so you'll be able to find the best thing for your instrument and situation.

Gig Bags

A flight bag, gig bag, or ... just a bag, can in the first place be pretty flexible. A standard gig bag is likely to be compatible with a number of different models and shapes of guitars or basses while a case is often only made for one or two kinds. Carrying a gig bag around can also be a little easier since they sometimes come fitted with comfortable backpack-style straps as well as a handle and are usually much lighter than a case. They're also usually a little bit cheaper.

Cases & Flight Cases

The biggest advantage of going for a case or flight case is that your cherished instrument is fully protected against any knocks and shocks by a robust shell. Also, if you really want protection from all the elements, a number of guitar and bass cases are even waterproof. However, since these cases are often moulded to fit specific kinds of models, it's important to pay attention to the kind of guitar or bass a case is made for so that you get the right fit. If you play another instrument like a banjo, ukulele or mandoline, matching mandoline cases, banjo cases and ukulele bags and cases are also available. | Bax Music Aftercare Package