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So you can safely get your guitar or bass to lessons, rehearsals and gigs, getting a matching gig bag or case is always a good idea. To make a well-informed decision, you can find out more about the various different forms of protection below.

Gig Bags, Soft Cases, Hard Cases and Flight Cases

Gig bags are soft, lightweight guitar bags that can often be worn backpack-style thanks to fitted shoulder straps. While almost all models are splash-proof, unpadded gig bags mainly offer protection against dust, while padded gig bags will keep your guitar shielded from bumps and knocks as well. If you demand a higher level of protection, make sure to go for a guitar case - also known as a hardshell case - as hard cases offer extra-solid protection against moisture and impact. For the ultimate protection, you can get an extra-strong, metal-reinforced case called a guitar flight case. Lastly, there's the soft case which falls right in between the average gig bag and case in terms of protection and sturdiness.

A Cheap Gig Bag or a Robustly Padded Guitar Bag

A basic gig bag shields your guitar from dust but offers relatively little on-the-road protection. So, if you often take your instrument to lessons or jam sessions, you may be better off with a padded model. Both padded and non-padded gig bags are flexible enough to accommodate various different models as well as eased storage. They're also generally more affordable and manageable than guitar cases.

Guitar and Bass Cases at Bax Music

The biggest benefit of a case or flight case lies in the hardshell exterior. Some guitar cases are even fully waterproof, but before you buy one, you should always make sure that it's compatible with the size and shape of your specific guitar or bass. This way, you can ensure that your instrument is offered a snug fit and won't be able to shift around inside. That said, you'll want the headstock of your instrument to have a little wiggle room so that it doesn't break if you accidentally slam your case into a wall or doorpost.

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Gig Bags and Cases

In addition to a remarkably extensive range of gig bags and cases for electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars and classical guitars, you'll find plenty of protection for other string instruments at Bax Music, including mandolin cases, banjo cases as well as ukulele gig bags and cases. We also stock protective covers for guitar and bass amps.

Frequently Asked Questions About Guitar and Bass Cases and Gig Bags

How much does a good guitar gig bag cost?

The cheapest guitar bags are available for as little as £15 while the most expensive deluxe flight bags can cost upwards of £250. The price of a guitar gig bag mostly depends on the materials and finish.

What's the best gig bag for my guitar or bass?

That depends on your budget and needs. If your guitar rarely leaves the house, a basic dust-proof bag will do the trick, but if you're a gigging guitarist toting an expensive axe, you might want to opt for a higher degree of protection in the form of a hard case. | Music-Based Guest Bloggers Wanted!