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Whether you're going on a world tour or you're just going to rehearsal, investing in a good bag or case for your guitar or bass is a must. Bags and cases both have their advantages, and there's always a model that suits your requirements. A flight bag, otherwise known as a gig bag, is great because it's more flexible than a case, so it's suitable for various different models. The flexibility also means it's easier to store when you're not using it. What's more, a flight bag is often less expensive and lighter than a case, which makes it more comfortable and easier to transport. Having said that, a case offers better protection due to its sturdy exterior. Many guitar cases are waterproof as well. Make sure that the case is suitable for your specific instrument shape and model, though, to ensure a secure fit. Do you play a different string instrument, like mandolin, banjo, or ukulele? Here at Bax Music, we also have a variety of cases and bags for mandolins, banjos and ukuleles in stock. | Goede Voornemens