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The violin is one of the most prominent instruments in the symphony orchestra, but it is also used in lighter genres such as bluegrass and even pop music. It's heard as a solo instrument or in a group of strings. The violin is a string instrument with four strings (tuned to G, D, A, E) that is played with a bow. It's related to (in order of size) the viola, cello and double bass.

4/4 to 1/10

Unlike the guitar, the violin does not have frets. This means the notes flow more smoothly and the pitch can be determined with great accuracy. The violin comes in different sizes. The 4/4 size is the most commonly-used violin and the slightly smaller 3/4 version is suitable for children of about 8 to 12 years of age. Incidentally, the size 3/4 does not imply that this violin is a quarter smaller than a standard size violin; the difference is actually much smaller.

Violin accessories

To enjoy your violin to the fullest, there is a wide selection of accessories available. When not playing your violin, you can store it on a stand or in a case. If you're having trouble tuning your violin, then you can use a tuning fork or a special violin tuner. To keep your violin in optimal condition, it's recommended to use the right type of resin for your bow. Lastly, there are violin books available that can help you improve your skills and repertoire. | Black Friday Early Birds