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Shure's comfortable SRH440 headphones deliver outstanding sound, thanks to their exceptionally wide frequency range. They're fantastic for use at home or in the studio, but they also make great DJ headphones.
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The Shure SRH940 headphones don't just deliver outstanding reference audio, they're comfortable to wear too, and that makes them perfect for long studio sessions. With the SRH940s, you're sure to get the job done!
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The Shure SRH240A headphones are a great, budget-friendly introduction to Shure's professional headphone range.
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The Shure SRH1840 headphones are high-quality studio headphones that offer excellent sound and great comfort, allowing for hours of comfortable listening. Ideal for intense studio sessions and track mastering.
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Looking for a pair of studio-grade headphones? Shure's SRH1440 headphones have an open construction and deliver outstanding sound. Their velour ear pads and adjustable ergonomic headband make them incredibly comfortable.
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10 business days
Looking for a pair of headphones for studio recordings, DJ sets, or just your favourite music? Shure's SRH840 headphones boast a wide frequency range, and were designed for professional studio engineers, DJs and musicians.
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Shure's comfortable, durable SRH1540 headphones have been modelled after their popular SRH1840 model and delivers high-quality sound with a closed construction.
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7 business days
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