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Studio Power Supply information

Few things are worse than not having enough power supplies to set everything up in your studio. Luckily, at Bax-shop we offer 230V power distributors in all shapes and sizes, from simple, low-budget power strips to extremely reliable power distributors for professional use. Be sure to calculate exactly how many power sockets you'll need ahead of time, as well as whether they'll need protective caps and whether you'll need to be able to mount them on a wall. It's also better to have a cable that's too long than too short, so be sure to give yourself some extra wiggle room.

If you want to play it on the safe side and be prepared for anything, then you'll want to think about getting a power strip with overload protection, which will keep your valuable devices protected from electrical peaks. A 19-inch power distributor is handy if you use racks, as they're designed to fit perfectly in a 19-inch rack. You'll also find advanced power distributors with built-in safety systems in this category. For more studio accessories, be sure to check out our DI boxes category under the peripherals category. | More Home Time, More Music