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Controllers & MIDI Devices

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Controllers & MIDI Devices information

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) devices are digital systems that allow you to adjust many aspects of your track, such as levels, instruments, effects and play/cue, in real time. MIDI systems were developed back in the '80s and are still going strong as the universal standard for digital instruments, digital DJ controllers, MIDI keyboards, and MIDI studio controllersMIDI keyboards and MIDI controllers are equipped with drum pads that make it easy to enter chords and beats in your studio software, such as a DAW.

There are also specialised controllers out there that have been designed to aid in mixing tracks. These controllers are equipped with features such as faders, rotary knobs, and buttons for quickly adjusting the volume, the levels, and much more! Some controllers can even be used as regular mixing consoles. Most MIDI devices will be instantly recognised by your software, and you'll often have the option of assigning specific program functions to the buttons on your controller. You can find more studio devices in our studio & recording category.

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