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In this category, you'll find all kinds of recorders that were designed for recording on location. That is to say, you're in the right place if you need a rugged, compact recorder. Your average field recorders and voice recorders are going to be battery powered - often with a rechargeable battery. You'll want to take a look at voice recorders if you're interested in recording speeches, meetings, memos and interviews, while field recorders are great compact devices that make it easy to make high-quality recordings of concerts and the like.

We also have recording devices that are designed to work with a smartphone or tablet, such as an iPhone or iPad. We have microphones with digital plugs, and we also have convenient interfaces that allow you to connect a studio microphone with XLR connector to your mobile device. If you'd like to be able to record multiple tracks simultaneously and don't want to be tied down to your laptop, then you'll want a multitrack recorder. You can find more recording devices in our studio & recording category. | Get Ready To Party