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Since we're living in a time in which practically every tune is made or recorded using computers, it only makes sense that there's special software to get the job done: studio software. Since it's rapidly becoming an important part of music production, the various available studio software packs are only getting more diverse and extensive and, here at Bax Music, we've got a broad range of popular and leading software titles for you to explore.

Studio Recording - DAW Software

These days there are generally two methods to record and produce music: in-the-box and the traditional way. In-the-box production begins and ends with a computer and DAW software, which encompasses instrument plug-ins and effect plug-ins that you mix into a polished piece of music. The traditional way involves recording actual instruments like, for instance, a synthesizer that you record by hooking it up to an audio interface. Or vocals, which you capture with a microphone plugged into an audio interface. We call this method 'traditional' because it was every producer's method for producing tracks before the age of instrument plug-ins arrived. Nowadays, both methods are viable since you can easily produce a complete arrangement and have a vocalist sing over it afterwards.

Effect Plug-Ins

Effect plug-ins are digital effects that you can add to your audio. Popular effects include reverb, echo, chorus, equalizer, pitch correction, compression, distortion and filters. Unlike their hardware equivalents, effect plug-ins can be added to an infinite amount of tracks provided that your computer packs enough processing power and built-in memory capacity. While most DAWs come pre-loaded with several effects, these effects generally can't compete with external effect plug-ins in terms of audio quality and options.

Instrument Plug-Ins

Instrument plug-ins are virtual instruments that many producers like to work with and include anything from complete virtual orchestras to guitars, wind instruments, drum kits, pianos and more. These plug-ins are basically the building blocks that most contemporary music is built with and, just like effect plug-ins, instrument plug-ins can be added to as many tracks as you want as long as your laptop or computer can handle it.

Notation Software

Our range of notation software is home to software packs that can be used to write out sheet music. With some DAWs, a notation function actually comes integrated, but this won't be as specialised, intuitive or extensive as dedicated notation software. Being able to create clear and comprehensible score is essential when you're inviting musicians to play them. After all, the clearer your score is, the easier it'll be to perform.

Audio Software

Most of the time, there's nothing that audio software can do that a DAW can't. That said, some special audio software packs feature a unique interface that may be more intuitive to work with for some, but bear in mind that audio software is typically aimed at audio production instead of actual music production. So, if you only want to record voice-overs and you have no need for multi-track support, then audio recording software is ideal for you.

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What is DAW Software?

A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is specialised music production software that you use to create, record, edit and mix sound to complete entire songs or pieces, but most DAW packs also offer built-in song-writing options and the option to control (virtual) instruments. | newsletter