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Modern DAW software offers everything that producers, DJs and musicians need to produce their own music. With the help of your average DAW software, you can not only record music (e.g. via an audio interface), but you can also input music directly into the software with the help of a MIDI device. You can do a lot of extensive mixing and editing with multi-track software. Some sequencers are designed for studio or home use, and others can actually be used live.

Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) offer nearly endless possibilities once you start adding extra effect plugins such as compressors, reverb, and other audio peripherals. Most of these kinds of modules come in VST format, which is compatible with most software. We also have a wide range of instrument plugins, which are virtual instruments ranging from analogue synthesizer imitations to complete orchestras that make it possible to create tracks in any conceivable style. If you're primarily interested in triggering individual sounds and loops, then you'll want to check out our sample CDs.

On the other hand, if you'd like to edit analogue sound sources with your music software, then you're definitely going to need an audio interface and a studio microphone. You can make quality recordings with USB microphones without having to use an external sound card. 

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