Konig & Meyer T-Bar Lighting Stands

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Don't you just hate it when you have to bring more than one stand? This T-bar allows you to place two speakers on one speaker stand. It's easy, fast and great for your back!

In stock
In stock

This is a perfect cross bar when you want to neatly mount light effects or spotlights on both sides of your stand. K&M offers the 21390 T bar, with five pre-drilled holes on each side.

In stock
In stock
This is Konig & Meyer's 24637 side crossbar.
Available in 8 business days.
8 business days

This rugged cross bar fits numerous stands thanks to its 35mm hole. It simply slides over your stand and you can then lock it in place with a screw fastener. Ready to fly light effects and spotlights!

Available in 12 business days.
12 business days
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