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Microphone stands are a mic's best friend, whether it is a dynamic vocal microphone or a studio condenser microphone. Musicians like to have their hands free to play their instrument, and singers often like to rest their hands on the stand. Furthermore, handling noise is minimised if hands do not touch the microphone, with condenser microphones in particular.

A straight microphone stand is ideal for singers and presenters. Boom pole stands and most overhead standards, which are extra high, are also equipped with a boom arm, which allows singers to play an instrument, for instance. We offer broadcasting stands for radio or studio applications, and for making documentaries, we offer various boom poles. Flexible gooseneck microphones are popular among DJs, especially those who are often on the road. Table microphones can be used for meetings and home recordings, or for bass drums and guitar amplifiers as well.

Make sure you order the correct clamp or holder that fits the stand as well as the microphone and use a thread adapter if necessary. For additional tools, check out our microphone bags and stand accessories.

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