Roland VR-3EX video mixer

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Roland VR-3EX video mixer Product no.: 9000-0009-2450 Warranty period: This product comes with a 3-year warranty.


The Roland VR-3EX video mixer offers you infinite possibilities - this all-in-one device can handle a diverse range of applications, from corporate presentations and conventions to the live streaming of church services and concerts. The VR-3EX enables you to bundle diverse audio and video sources, creating a professional stream of visuals and sound that can just as easily be transmitted to a projector or TV, as to a computer with a USB connector, which can then either stream it live online or store it for further editing. Of course, the result can also be sent directly to a DVD recorder. In short, the VR-3EX is an exceptionally versatile, yet easy to operate mixer.

VR-3EX: ideal for live applications

The VR-3EX is a remarkably complete mixer that can handle both video and audio sources, and is ideal for live applications. It is possible to connect multiple HDMI video sources to the VR-3EX, such as video cameras and a Blu-Ray player, and you can even add an RGB video input and composite output via RCA. Audio tracks can be provided by various microphones, an external mixer, CD player or MP3 player. The well-organised, physical audio and video section and practical colour touch screen of the VR-3EX enable you to bring all your sources together and to send the result to an external recorder, projector, TV screen or, for recording or web streaming purposes, to a laptop.

Audio and video mixer section

The audio mixer section of the VR-3EX is located on the left-hand side, featuring a number of physical faders and tone controls. The touch screen allows you to make further in-depth adjustments, giving you control over the EQ, the compressor functions and a range of independent audio effects, including a high-pass filter, gate, delay, and reverb. On the right-hand side of the VR-3EX you'll find the video mixer section, which enables you to quickly and easily select one of the four available video sources that  you want to display. Of course, it is also possible to show multiple sources simultaneously (picture-in-picture, split, quad) and to select video transitions. The Roland VR-3EX is easy to operate, even if you don't have that much experience mixing video and audio.


Product features

Power adapter ungrounded flat Europlug

Weight and dimensions including packaging

  • Weight (incl. packaging) 3.0 kg
  • Dimensions (incl. packaging) 46.0 x 29.0 x 17.0 cm

Product specifications

  • audio/video mixer
  • well-organised controls
  • 4 video sources
  • 18-channel digital audio mixer
  • preview monitor (touch screen), 6.35 cm
  • various pnp, key and video effects
  • various audio effects
  • layered composition of video, images and text
  • equalizer per channel
  • web streaming via USB (480i)
  • recording of video/audio to Windows/Mac (USB)
  • computer-controlled via USB
  • video processing: 4:2:2 (Y/Pb/Pr), 8-bit (NTSC: 480/59.94p, PAL: 576/50p)
  • sample rate: 24-bit, 48 kHz
  • upscaling to 1080p output
  • Standard Definition Mixing 16:9 Mixing Engine
  • 48V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • power supply included
  • dimensions: 345 x 203 x 80 mm
  • weight: 2.3 kg


  • HDMI Video (Video in 1-3)
  • HDMI Video (Video in 4)
  • HDMI Audio (Video in 1-4)
  • RGB/component (Video in 4)
  • composite video NTSC, PAL (Video in 1-4)


  • HDMI and RGB/component (Video out)
  • HDMI Audio (Video out)
  • composite video (Video out)
  • preview video (PVW out)
  • preview audio (PVW out)
  • USB video
  • USB audio

Input connectors

  • HDMI, type A, 19-pin (Video in 1-4)
  • RGB/component, HD DB-15 type (Video in 4)
  • composite, RCA (Video in 1-4)
  • XLR/TRS combo, phantom power (Audio in 1-4)
  • stereo RCA (Audio in 5-6)
  • 3.5mm stereo mini jack (Audio in 7-8)
  • microphone, stereo (internal)
  • MIDI IN, 5-pin DIN
  • USB, type B (for streaming and control via USB)

Output connectors

  • HDMI, type A, 19-pin (Video out)
  • RGB/component, HD DB-15 (Video out)
  • composite, RCA (Video out)
  • HDMI, type A, 19-pin (PVW out)
  • stereo RCA (Audio out L, R)
  • 2x 6.3mm jack (Aux out, L, R)
  • 6.3mm stereo jack (headphones)
  • 3.5mm stereo mini jack (headphones)
  • MIDI OUT/THRU, 5-pin DIN


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Roland VR-3EX + DAP Universal foam case 2

Product no.: 9000-0037-9347
  • Roland VR-3EX video mixer
  • DAP Universal foam case 2 flight case
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Roland VR-3EX + 4x Devine MIC100

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  • Devine MIC100 XLR microphone and signal cable 5 metres 4x
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