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Exchanging a Product

What are my options at Bax Music when it comes to exchanging products?

Exchanging Your Order

Let's say you ordered a red guitar, but you decide you want a black one instead. Or, perhaps you purchased a drum kit, but now you'd prefer a drum machine. We offer a 60-day trial period so exchanging a product is never a problem.

  • 1. Please read all the information on our 60-Day Trial Period page.

  • 2. If you decide to exchange a product, be sure to follow the standard return procedure.
  • 3. When registering your return, please indicate that you wish to receive a different product.
  • If the new product is less expensive than the one you're returning, you will be reimbursed the difference. Please see our Returns page for more information.
  • If the new product is more expensive than the one you're returning, you will receive a payment link via email. Once the payment has been confirmed and the return is on its way back to us, we will ship the new product out to you.

Bax Music wants to buy your guitar!

Do you have a valuable guitar or bass? Bax Music might be interested in buying it from you! You can also trade it in for another product. Read the Terms & Conditions to find out if your (bass)guitar makes the grade.

> Bax Music Wants to Buy Your Guitar!

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