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Is your product defective? Send it to us for repair within or outside the warranty period!

Is the defect the result of a manufacturing fault and does it (still) fall under the warranty?

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Repairs outside the warranty period

If the product no (longer) falls under the warranty, you can still have it repaired by Bax Music. Sending the product to us is free, but you will be charged for the cost of the repair. Here's how it works:

1. Send the product back to us. (Please note: Behringer, Beats by Dre, Skullcandy, Optoma and Philips Recorders have their own warranty procedures.)

2. We will thoroughly inspect the product.

3. Once we've determined the cause of the defect, we will sent you a price quote to repair it. You then have 3 options:

  • Option 1: You agree with the price quote for the repair costs and the product is repaired. Bax Music can do most small repairs in house. In some cases, however, we may need to send the product to a repair centre or back to the supplier. This process can take approximately 4 weeks from the moment you send it to the moment you receive it back from us.
  • Option 2: You do not agree to the price quote for the repair costs. We will subsequently send the product back to you. You will be charged a £50 research fee, which includes VAT but excludes shipping.
  • Option 3: You do not agree to the price quote for the repair costs and allow Bax Music to dispose of the product in an environmentally-friendly way.

4. We'd like to ask you to respond to our price quote for the repair costs within 5 business days to prevent any delays in the return shipment. If we do not receive a response in that time, we will send you three reminders. If you still do not respond (max. 1 month after we send you the price quote for the repairs) we will charge you a £50 research fee, which includes VAT but excludes shipping and we will send the defective product back to you.

Please note:

A £50 research fee will be applied to any products sent for repair within the warranty period where a defect has not been found.

There is a 90-day guarantee on repairs.

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What's the status of your repair?

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