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The harmonica is a perfect instrument for musicians just starting out. It's a very versatile instrument as well, on which you can endlessly refine and upgrade your repertoire and playing skills. Well-known brands are Hohner and Lee Oskar. The most common type of harmonica is the diatonic Richter, also known as the blues harp for blues, rock, pop and country. With it, you can create the widest range of effects. The chromatic harmonica, which is perfect for jazz and classical music, uses a sliding bar that allows you to easily play all twelve tones without having to overblow or bend.

The tremolo and octave harmonicas are characterised by their double row of holes where each tone has two reeds. The tremolo produces a unique full, wavering sound caused by a small difference in tuning between the two reeds. The octave harmonica creates a rich sound and has reeds that differ in pitch by a complete octave, resulting in a basic tone and a higher pitched, octaved tone. Both types of harmonica have a diatonic tuning. Inhaling when playing the harmonica will produce a different sound than when you exhale. Most harmonicas are available in multiple keys.

In our selection of other harmonica models, you will find special versions of this instrument such as miniature harmonicas. Holders, cases, belts and maintenance sets can be found in the accessories department. You might also want to check out our special harmonica microphones.

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