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Our web shop also offers reeds for Wind Instruments such as the clarinet and the saxophone. The question is, however: when should you buy new reeds? If you play with great regularity, you'll notice after a couple of months that the sound of your instrument starts to decrease. You might also find that you're not playing as comfortably as you did before and you might even discover some small cracks in the reed.In that case, it might be a good idea to get a new reed. When you order yours, please check the gauge which is often expressed with a number between 1 (very thin) and 5 (very thick). Thinner reeds wear faster but are obviously also less stiff. Apart from the reed, the Mouthpiece has also a great effect on the playing comfort and sound of the instrument. | Special Offer: Get 5% off your order when you spend £200 or more!