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Wireless Microphone System Components

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Wireless Microphone System Components information

Wireless microphone systems usually come as complete sets that include a transmitter as well as a receiver. Transmitters are available in the form of handheld microphones and in the form of a bodypack that can be connected to a clip-on microphone or a headset microphone. Transmitters, receivers, clip-on microphones, headset microphones and handheld microphones are all available separately and can be picked up to expand the wireless system you're currently using.

Adding a Headset or Lavalier Microphone to Your Wireless System

In most cases, wireless handheld microphone systems can be expanded, which is great if the situation asks for a different mike, like a headset microphone or a lavalier microphone in combination with a bodypack transmitter so you can keep your hands free. What's important is that you pick a transmitter that operates within the same frequency band as your receiver, and keep in mind that most receivers support just one transmitter/microphone at a time.

Adding a Wireless Vocal Microphone to Your Wireless System

If you already have a wireless beltpack system with a lavalier microphone or a headset microphone, then there's a good chance that it can be expanded with a handheld microphone. Wireless handheld microphones come with a transmitter built in, so you won't need a bodypack transmitter in this case. If the capsule of your handheld microphone is broken or if you simply want a different sound, you may be able to remove the capsule from the body of the microphone and replace it with a different capsule. Swappable microphone capsules are typically reserved for more expensive wireless mic systems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wireless Microphone System Components

Can I use a different microphone with my receiver?

Wireless systems that are part of more extensive series can often be expanded with different microphone types. Wireless handheld system can usually be expanded by adding a bodypack transmitter and a clip-on microphone. Always make sure to match the operational frequency band for both components.

Can I connect multiple microphones to a single receiver?

No, one receiver only allows you to hook up one microphone. What you can often do however is add a lavalier microphone to a handheld system for the option to switch between the two different microphones depending on the situation. Simultaneous use isn't possible unless you've got a dual receiver.

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