One of the most influential streaming platforms in the music industry, SoundCloud, has helped to kick-start the careers of many previously unknown artists. The open audio platform once started as a website for upcoming artists to upload their tracks, but has evolved to a platform with advertisements for revenue and an option for paid subscriptions. However, the website now has 175 million registered users and continues to function as the main track sharing platform for new artists. Today, Guest blogger Melvin van der Waal from Moon Jelly Agency shines his light on the benefits of the SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscription.

SoundCloud Pro, is it worth it?


When you subscribe to SoundCloud Pro, you’ll be able to utilize a wide array of analytics. Pro users will be provided with much deeper insights than the basic statistics. This means you can find out which users and pages are playing your tracks the most, and see which influencers, labels, and artists are listening to your music. Furthermore, you can see the location of your listeners, making it easier for you to plan your next tour, for example. You can even find out the number of plays on a track per app, and per website, giving you even more insights into the popularity of each of your releases.

Content Control

To provide Pro users with more creative freedom, SoundCloud gives them the possibility to turn comments and public stats on or off. You’re also able to pin one or more tracks to the top of your profile, directing more clicks and downloads to your latest release. Your visitors will find their way to your best tracks faster this way.

Profile Verification

When you become a Pro user, your profile is given a verification mark, making your profile look a bit more legitimate. While it only shows that you are a paid member, the verification symbol triggers listeners to check out your persona and profile, which in turn leads to more clicks, streams, and downloads.

Download Restrictions

If you are a free SoundCloud user, you’ll be restricted to 100 downloads per track. Upgrading to SoundCloud Pro will increase this limit to 1000, while SoundCloud Pro Unlimited users can offer an unlimited amount of downloads. This tool is valuable as the more downloads a track receives, the more your brand will feel the benefit, and the more exposure you’ll get.

To Pro or not to Pro

Due to the immense influence of SoundCloud’s services, it is vital to really put time and work into your SoundCloud profile. The most important thing is that you HAVE a Soundcloud profile filled with proper content. From there on, it is up to you. If you’re not into analytics, don’t care about the verification button, and don’t want to share downloadable tracks, just go with the free profile. If you want to get more out of Soundcloud, a paid plan will give you some handy additional features that can help you grow your account more quickly.

Do you think a SoundCloud Pro account is worth it? Let us know in the comments!

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Guest blogger Melvin van der Waal (Moon Jelly Agency)
Melvin began his music journey at DJ Mag, where he focused on the online marketing and interviewed lots of DJs and producers. In 2016, Melvin started working for Armada Music as their marketing and social media specialist. Besides knowing a thing or two about online marketing, Melvin has always been interested in helping musicians with their marketing. That’s why Melvin joined Moon Jelly Agency, the international marketing agency for artists, record labels, and promoters with offices in Amsterdam, New York, and Seoul.
4 responses
  1. Sphinx says:

    These terrible con-artists will basically spend their entire time trying to convince you Soundcloud pro is worth it, then make it nearly impossible to cancel their non-refundable $144 annual subscription. If it was so valuable why spend so much time and effort into hiding the cancellation and not notifying users of future bills they may not want. Soundcloud pro is a scam scam scam scam scam meant to take money from working artists only to provide useless information and a slurry of spam emails selling more useless crap from soundcloud.

  2. Apollo says:

    It does not mean you get verified… i know

  3. DAVID AUSTIN says:

    Being pro verified will NOT benefit songwriters! Only musicians! There is a difference!

  4. Roland says:

    But I wonder if you can make money with a soundcloud pro account

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