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Guitar Patch Cables & Accessories

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Guitar Patch Cables & Accessories information

Any guitarist equipped with an stompbox-loaded pedalboard would be nothing without their patch leads. These super-short jack cables connect up the pedals in the effect chain while taking up as little space as possible, and so you can route your pedals every which way, they come in various different lengths. Want a fully customised board? Then you can even get patch cable kits so you can cut your patch leads to length and solder on the jack plugs yourself. If you're not into soldering, then you can even get solder-free patch lead kits.

Short Jack Leads for Effect Pedals

A patch cable is basically a really short jack cable, and most of the time, they'll come fitted with a pair of standard 6.35mm mono TS jack plugs. A patch lead can be 10cm long, 15cm long or 30cm long, all of which come in handy depending on the layout of your pedalboard. You can also get patch leads fitted with straight or right-angled plugs so you can make sure you have the right kind of plug to fit and use the space on your board as efficiently as possible.

Picking Out Your Patch Cables

At Bax Music, you can get ready-made patch cables in different lengths, colours and at varying prices. There are also simple pedal plugs, which are extra-space-saving double-ended jack plugs without a cable in between so they can neatly link two pedals together. If you want to cut your own patch leads to the perfect length, then have a look through our range of guitar patch cable kits and parts, which even includes solder-free construction kits.

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