Children's Drum Kit

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This great sounding, professional, compact drum shell set consists of a bass drum, a tom, a floor tom and a snare drum, 16, 10, 13 and 14 inches in size respectively. Hardware and cymbals are not included.
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The Alesis Pro Drums Lite Kit distinguishes itself by means of its LED-illuminated pads, its practical, foldable rack and its exceptionally low price. Digital drumming is now possible for anyone!

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This is the ideal drum kit for the Grohls and Moons of the future, it is incredibly complete at an unbelievably good price. Snare, two toms, floor tom, bass drum, crash and hi-hat. Including stands and pedals, with beautiful red shells.

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7 business days
£391.00 | 15% off Innox & Fazley