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Even the most well-made headphones can sometimes use an update, whether you're a DJ or a drummer, whether you use them in the studio, as a headset, at home or live on stage, or in your ears while travelling. If you want to prolong the life of your headphones or earphones, it's a good idea to invest in a protective case or bag. We carry lightweight bags, custom-made pouches, and even heavy-duty flight cases—we've got something for everyone! A headphone holder can be really handy for use at home, or mounted to a DJ booth, keyboard stand, or a 19-inch rack.

Should any part of your headphones need replacing, you're in luck! Here at Bax Music, we carry a wide range of headphone components. You may just want to replace your current ear pads or exchange your coiled cord for a straight one, for instance. You'll also find fashionable caps, headbands and ear clips in all different shapes and sizes. Is the headphone jack on your DJ controller or amplifier different than the plug at the end of your headphone cable? We've got the headphone adapter you need. These plugs connect a 1/8-inch mini jack to a 1/4-inch jack input or vice versa. Here, you'll also find right-angled adapters that take up less space than straight plugs as they don't stick out as much.

Some headphones have a very high impedance level that allows you to hear a lot of detail in your audio. However, since not all laptops, MP3 players or phones are capable of facilitating such high ohmage, a headphone preamplifier can be a real life-saver. It provides you with plenty of headroom when you're listening to tracks in extremely high audio quality or making a mono mix. Often, these preamps feature multiple inputs so several people can listen to the same audio at once. We also carry various headphone amplifiers that can be used to play your guitar or bass in silence. Most of these compact, battery-powered models can be plugged into the output of your guitar and offer a headphone output as well. In short, if you need headphone accessories and components, you've come to the right place!

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