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This category is one of our main specialties, Studio & Recording. If you're looking for something for recording music, then this is the place to be! You'll find plenty of products to tickle your fancy if you're a producer as well, or in other words, someone who creates music with the aid of digital resources. Most folks choose devices that they can use with their laptop, tablet or smartphone, though it's also possible to work with an entirely independent recorder. You'll find all of our independent audio recorders, from field to voice to multitrack recorders, in our Recording category. Likewise, any cables you need for recording and producing can be found in the cables category.

Recording equipment forms the foundation of a typical home or professional studio, and of course, it all begins with microphones. You can find the perfect microphone for your purposes in our studio microphone category. If you want to keep it simple, a USB microphone is a great choice (you can connect it directly to a USB port). Should you wish to have more options, however, you'd do well to use a large diaphragm condenser microphone, which you can connect to an audio interface. You can then connect the audio interface to your computer or tablet. When you're ready to start mixing the tracks you recorded, there's all kinds of studio software that you can use, as well as monitoring products such as studio headphones and DJ & studio monitors. If you're working on more complex recording projects, then you'll want to check out the mixers in the sound & PA section.

Maybe you're the type of producer who likes to make tracks without using 'real' instruments though, or maybe you enjoy combining analogue and digital. In that case, Bax-shop has a number of different products that you can make great use of! Beginners should take a look at our studio bundles, which have been composed to provide everything you'll need to start recording and/or creating digital music. If you'd rather put your own setup together, then you can browse through our wide range of MIDI devices, which include MIDI keyboards and MIDI studio controllers. Of course, we also have a variety of DAWs and virtual instruments in stock, and you're sure to find the perfect sound card to go with your audio interface! 

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