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Making recordings has not only become more accessible, but a lot easier over the past twenty years. Nowadays, home studios can be kitted out to pack as many options as professional studios, and in our Studio & Recording department, you'll find everything you need to drop anything from simple demos to pro-grade productions.

A Small Home Studio Set-Up

A computer and DAW software form the core of all home studios. The next step involves picking out an audio interface, so think about how many microphones and instruments you're going to want to record at the same time. A large-diaphragm condenser microphone is probably the most versatile kind of microphone you could get since it's a solid choice for both vocals and instruments like acoustic guitars. Also, don't forget to grab a good pair of studio headphones for the recording phase, and perhaps a pair of beautifully neutral-sounding studio monitors for the mixing phase.

Professional Recording Studios: Book One or Do-It-Yourself?

To self-produce or not is a key decision for every artist, songwriter and producer. Hiring a professional recording studio usually comes with the perk of a seasoned sound technician with years of experience under their belt, who's happy to take care of the technical side of things for you so you can stay focussed on your music. On top of that, it's safe to assume there will be high-end recording equipment available, including various different microphones to choose from. Booking a session at a well-equipped studio with an engineer ensures a streamlined workflow and professional results, which is reflected in the price. If you're interested in the technical side of music production, you could also build your own pro-grade studio. While it takes quite a hefty investment, if you're spending most of your time inside the studio, that investment will eventually see a return plus profit. Another advantage of building your own studio is that you get to hand-pick the gear.

Building a Professional Recording Studio

Ok, so while we can't give you a full step-by-step guide to building a professional studio here, what we can do is paint you a picture. Running a professional studio takes more than the skills needed to record and mix your own productions. It all starts with a powerful computer that's able to effortlessly handle massive projects that consist of more than one hundred tracks. Also, if you want to work with bands and ensembles, an audio interface equipped with two inputs isn't going to cut it. Grab an interface that has at least eight analogue inputs and expansion options via ADAT, MADI, AVB or Dante, and then think about what your studio's unique selling point is going to be. A unique collection of microphones? High-end outboard gear? Stacks of hardware synths as far as the eye can see? Impeccable acoustics? Remember: your customers will rarely come looking for a studio that caters to all - they're looking for a studio that's tailored to them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Studio and Recording Gear

What's an audio recording?

Audio recordings are made by capturing vibrations, so sound, and saving it to a medium. Back in the day, sonic vibrations were captured by a needle on a phonograph cylinder, and later on tape. Nowadays, the most common way to 'store' music involves a digital recorder or a computer.

How do you build your own recording studio?

Gear is one thing when it comes to recording, mixing and mastering vocals and acoustic instruments; space is another. Check out our Studio Furniture & Acoustic Treatment department for the gear needed to improve the acoustics of the room you want to build a studio in.

What do I need to record music at home?

All you need to start recording is a recorder or a computer plus DAW software. Capturing vocals and acoustic instruments requires microphones as well, but if you're making electronic music, one or more MIDI controllers in combination with a laptop and the right software is all it takes.

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