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Guitar Accessories

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Guitar Accessories information

There are various guitar accessories that can easily enhance your guitar playing experience; from tools to enhance playing comfort, to bits of kit that warp and chew up the sound of your guitar, and maintenance gear for keeping your instrument in mint condition.

Get Your Electric Guitar Accessories at Bax Music

To hook your electric guitar up to your amplifier, you can either use an instrument cable or a wireless guitar system. When you're ready to start shaping your signature sound, pedalboards can play an important role, as adding effects pedals is a really easy way to add an entirely new dimension to your sound. If you’re already giggiing and your amp is always cranked up to eleven, then hearing protection is definitely recommended.

Classical Guitar and Acoustic Guitar Accessories

Certain guitar accessories are mainly tailored for acoustic guitarists. A guitar stool or musician's stool is never a bad idea, nor is a foot rest for classical guitarists to support proper playing posture. Electro-acoustic players might like the idea of a feedback buster, which can be used during live performances to counter unwanted noise.

Strings and Tuning Up the Guitar

When your instrument starts sounding dull or tuning stability is an issue, this could be a sign that it's time to swap out the strings. So you're always prepared, we recommend that you always keep a pack of spare strings handy, maybe even along with a string winder to speed up the process and make it a bit easier. Tuning up once the fresh strings have been installed is a simple job using a tuner. Tuners vary in shape and size, ranging from compact clip-on tuners to durable stage tuners.

The Added Comfort of a Guitar Strap

Guitar straps are another popular guitar accessory and can be secured to your guitar via the strap buttons, allowing you to play comfortably standing up. Straps also offer increased playing comfort when you're sitting, since the weight of the instrument is distributed across your shoulders which takes a load off your leg. Guitar straps are available in different lengths, widths and materials and, to make absolutely sure your strap can never suddenly come loose, you can always grab a set of affordable strap blocks or even some super-secure strap locks.

Playing the Guitar with a Capo or Slide

Some guitar accessories aren't necessarily essential but can still prove ever-useful. Take the capo (short for capodastro), which can be clamped on the neck to lay down a barre in between two frets, allowing you to change the pitch (key) without having to learn a different set of chords. Capos from popular brands like Kyser, Shubb and Dunlop are valuable tools for singer-songwriters and can be just as inspiring as guitar slides. Slides shape a distinct sound fit for styles like blues and Americana and, depending on the material, they'll sound either warmer or brighter.

Guitar Stands and Wall Mounts

While most guitars can handle a bump or a knock, they're still fairly fragile instruments. To avoid unfortunate accidents involving your valuable guitar, it's a good idea to set up a guitar stand or install a guitar wall mount so you can give the instrument safe and secure pride of place in your living room or home studio. Besides various budget range options, there are ample unique and specially-designed stands and guitar wall-hangers.

A Gig Bag or Case for Your Guitar or Bass

The safest way to get a guitar or bass to lessons, jam sessions or gigs is a gig bag or case. The great thing about gig bags is that they're easy to carry whether you're taking your bike or the train, while cases are a better option if you want to be assured of the best possible protection. Soft cases form the middle-ground between bags and cases. Bear in mind that the shape of the body and headstock of your guitar determines whether it's compatible with any bag or case.

Repairs and Guitar Modifications

Aside from regular maintenance, your guitar might need a repair or modifications at some point. For bold DIY-style fixers, modders and tinkerers, Bax Music offers an extensive range of guitar parts and related tools that can be used to upgrade your guitar or to build one from scratch.

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