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Special Effects & Smoke Machines

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Special Effects & Smoke Machines information

Effect machines are not necessarily light effects, but they are often used in combination with lighting and are controlled via the same DMX Lighting Controllers or DMX-software (also check out our Special Effects Controllers). In this category, you'll find a wide range of effects machines that will make a great addition to your light show. One such addition could be a smoke machine that can produce either thick smoke plumes or a light vapour in order to make your light beams more visible. Use a fan to disperse the smoke or snow throughout the entire room.

All kinds of Special Effects

Here you can also find Bubble Machines, Foam Machines and Snow Machines that, like smoke machines, need to be filled with a special fluid. In the subcategory Special Effect Components, you can find everything you need for powerful CO2-shooters, for instance. We also offer a wide range of special effect such as Confetti Machines (filled with confetti or streamers), Flame Throwers, Water Effects and other special effect products. With the Stage Curtain Drop Systems you can drop a stage curtain or similar object with just one press of a button.

You can transport your equipment in a Special Effects Flight Case.

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