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The Devine WMD-IE sets you up with a beltpack receiver, a transmitter and a pair of in-ear monitors. This affordable wireless monitor system operates on the 823-832MHz frequency band and offers unrivalled value for money.
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The LD Systems MEI 1000 G2 6 wireless in-ear system offers clean on-stage monitoring and operates on the 655 - 679 frequency band.
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Xvive present the U4 wireless in-ear set for hassle-free and affordable mix monitoring. Since the transmitter is plugged directly into the AUX or line output of your mixer, you won't be needing any cables.
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The LD Systems U308 IEM HP monitoring system comes including a set of LD Systems IEHP 1 in-ears and operates on both the band gap and ISM frequency range (823-832 MHz/863-865 MHz).