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If there's one instrument that could very well be the basis of all music, it's the bass drum. Over the course of history, primitive drums have slowly evolved into the modern day timpanis and bass drums – which still remain the heartbeat of any piece of music. Nowadays, all drummers (whether they play jazz, pop or rock music) play the bass drum (or kick drum) using a bass drum pedal.

A regular drum kit with one kick drum only requires a single drum pedal, however, if you wish to play quick double bass drum parts, you'll need a double bass drum pedal. There are also practice pedals, for if you need to quietly brush up on your footwork. The bass drum pedal needs to be highly robust, and must be properly attached to your bass drum in order to endure the forces you subject it to for long periods of time. There are direct-drive, chain-drive and belt-drive pedals. Finally, you should also take into account the different beater materials (felt, wood or plastic) and the various ways in which these pedals may be adjusted. | Examen Cadeautips