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With Bax Music's musical instruments and their accessories, you can easily provide an entire pop band with everything they need. Here you can find complete basic sets of guitars, bass guitars, keyboard instruments, drums and more. Our assortment of string instruments includes acoustic and electric (bass) guitars, as well as instruments like the ukulele. You'll also find any necessary amplifiers, effect pedals, cables and strings you might need.

Bax-shop stocks various keyboard instruments as well, such as digital pianos, keyboards, drawbar keyboards and synthesizers. You can complement these with accessories such as instrument amplifiers, bags and stools. We also carry many kinds of drums, including drum kits, electronic drum kits, percussion instruments and drum machines.

Finally, we have various wind instruments like the harmonica, recorder and melodica. If you want to have some extra fun with your vocals, we also have vocal effects. Of course, once it's time to perform, your band will also need stage amplification, and you can find anything you might need for that in the categories microphones and sound & PA.

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