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Followspots like the 120ST by Chauvet DJ are commonly used in the theatre to follow actors on stage. The 120ST is equipped with a 120-watt LED that produces a potent, mobile spotlight.
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Light up every artist with the Showtec LED Followspot 75W. It has a 75W cold-white LED  with built-in colour wheel and can be controlled via DMX, as well as adjustable iris, zoom, focus and strobe and dimmer functions.

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4 business days

The American DJ FS600 LED is a professional, bright 60W follow spot. The FS600 LED features eight colours along with a manual focus, adjustable iris and shutter.

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4 weeks
The Followspot LED 120W by Showtec is a compact, powerful spotlight that's suitable for various situations. It has 3 faders for the dimmer, iris and shutter time and you can select the colours on the fixture itself.
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