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Microphones information

Microphones are the most essential part of recording and amplifying, live and in the studio. We carry a wide range of microphones suitable for recording and amplifying vocals, speech and instruments. Wireless microphones allow you more freedom of movement, while microphones with a cable of the same quality are often more affordable. Condenser microphones are more sensitive than dynamic microphones, which makes them more suitable for use in the studio than live. They also need Phantom power to function, which can only be supplied by a PA mixer or separate phantom power supply.

If you're a singer or speaker who doesn't want a wireless system, have a look at our vocal microphones. For instrumentalists, see our range of instrument microphones. If you want to make high-quality vocal or instrumental recordings, then a studio microphone is your best bet. Here, you'll also find special microphones to use in combination with camera or recorder as well as various amplification solutions like meetings. When ordering, don't forget to look at our microphone stands, holders and clips, XLR cables and other microphone accessories.

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