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A 100V system consists of a 100V amplifier & mixer, a number of 100V speakers, and speaker cables. 100V systems are particularly useful if your speakers have relatively little power and the cables need to cover longer distances. You're likely to run into these situations if you're dealing with sound systems with speakers in multiple rooms, such as in shops, restaurants, schools and offices. Churches and sports fields can also benefit from such sound systems. The amplifier increases the voltage to 100 in order to compensate for any signal loss created by the long cables. As such, super thick cables are no longer necessary. Do keep in mind that you should use 100V speakers with these systems, since they're designed for the high voltage. If you want to know how many speakers you can connect to the 100V amplifier, simply add up the wattage of all of the speakers and compare it with the capacity of the amplifier. Finally, you need to figure out which cable thickness is appropriate for the cable length. If you're inexperienced with 100V systems, then the best thing to do is to contact our customer service for advice.

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