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Pioneer Introduces DDJ-WeGO4 and WeDJ App!

This just in! Pioneer is introducing a new version of their entry-level controller, the WeGO. It'll be available as DDJ-WeGO4-K (in black) and DDJ-WeGO4-W (in white). Even though the term 'entry-level' may sound demeaning, this compact powerhouse is chock-full of advanced gadgetry. What's more, it's got a stylish design that not only looks good, it's easy to work with as well!

WeGO-4 features

The enhanced jog wheels on this device are equipped with a slightly rough texture to provide a perfect grip, and there are LEDs surrounded by various function controls. Below the jog wheel section, you'll find the cue and play buttons, and next to it, four numbered buttons that can be used as control elements for hot cues or sample playback. At the top, there are loop functions and controls to activate all kinds of effects from a DJ app or software.

Pioneer WeDJ introduction

We have to say, we never saw this coming. Pioneer has shown us in the past that they wanted to do everything themselves, which is why they developed the Rekordbox DJ. Now, they're continuing with this process in the entry level market. Together with the Pioneer WeDJ, there's a visually-appealing well-designed app that makes track-mixing on an iPad easier than ever. The additional sync function allows you to synchronise tracks on a BPM level so you can focus on your music selection and perfect your loop and cue technique.

The WeDJ app shows large jog wheel simulators with album art, as well as detailed track waveforms and the most recently placed hot cues. A practical, built-in auto mix function ensures that you can leave mixing up to the WeGO-4 with a volume level that will allow your guests to chat during your set.

The app does not possess an overwhelming number of functions; no more than you can handle with the DDJ-WeGO4, that is. It possesses the features you're likely to use the most, and that's what being a DJ revolves around. The pitch faders, hot cues, effects, jog wheels, faders and loops are displayed clearly and work intuitively, which makes the Wego-4 ideal for DJs who are just starting out.

Black or white

Pioneer's WeGO4 is available in a black version (the DDJ-WeGO4-K) and a white version (the DDJ-WeGO4-W), so you can pick the model that best suits your style! Check out the relevant product pages below.

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