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Yamaha PSR-S770 and PSR-S970 - Endless Playing Pleasure

A few weeks ago, we told you about the PSR-S670. As good news never comes alone, it's about time we also introduced you to the brand new Yamaha PSR-S770 and PSR-S970!


These two comprehensive keyboards are an excellent choice for young and old alike. Hundreds of beautiful Yamaha sounds are at your disposal, including a few from the Tyros series. Yamaha itself is particularly enthusiastic about a number of them. You may have already read about them in earlier Yamaha reports - names like Cool!, Sweet!, Live!, S.Art! and Mega! leave little to the imagination.


The PSR-S770 and PSR-S970 offer an abundance of rhythms in various different styles, but all equally inspiring. Thanks to the keyboards' excellent sound and 128-voice polyphony, these rhythms aren't just versatile, but quite extensive as well. With so many options to choose from, it's a good thing that Yamaha has included a One Touch Settings control. Once you've selected a rhythm you like, this button takes care of all your settings for you. Operating these Yamaha keyboards is easy. An elaborate control panel offers you all the controls you need, and also features an attractive 7-inch colour display.


Would you like to do more than just play? The Yamaha PSR-S770 and PSR-S970 are equipped with a sequencer, which makes them ideal for producing tracks. Thanks to the keyboards' impressive polyphony and wide sound range, there's really no need to hold back. Things have certainly changed since the 1990s! With these two PSR models, you'll no longer have to worry about the amount of voices you're using. Another thing that has changed since the old days, is that you're no longer limited to using a set number of sounds and rhythms. These PSR keyboards allow you to import new ones, which means you have an endless supply of options at your fingertips - and that's certainly worth an investment.

In short, Yamaha has come up with another set of winners! They offer an outstanding amount of value for money - and make great gifts, too. Time to get creative!

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