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NAMM 2016: Ibanez Announces Wide Range of Electric Guitars

Ibanez has been a staple of the guitar industry for years. It's a brand that does not shy away from innovation, which always leads to interesting new guitars. This year will be no different, as Ibanez has announced affordable signature models, new Extended Range guitars and much more!


Supported by artists

Many artists use Ibanez guitars, some of which even have their own signature models. It's worth noting that this year sees the release of a few sharply priced guitars that, until now, were only available as top-range models in Japan. For instance, Periphery fans will surely enjoy the Jake Bowen JBM20 and JBM27 guitars. The same goes for fans of Paul Wagonner from Between the Buried and Me, whose versatile PWM10 model now sports a great price-to-quality ratio.
Furthermore, the PS120SP Paul Stanley (KISS) signature guitar, is now available in a striking Silver Sparkle finish. Punk rocker Noodles from The Offspring has also given his NDM4 a new colour, while Sam Totman's (Dragonforce) signature STM3 is already up to its third generation, looking more than ever like his own workhorse guitar. Finally, the latter's colleague in Dragonforce, Herman Li, has also added two signature guitars to the lineup, in the EGEN8 and EGEN18 models.

High-quality metal monsters and Extended Range models

With their slender Wizard necks and powerful humbuckers, Ibanez guitars are quite popular amongst guitarists who like playing fast and heavy music. Especially for those people, the RGA Iron Label has been brought back to life. The RGAIX6FM and the seven-string RGAIX7FM offer an incredible sleek look and feel. What's more, there are also two new RGD models available in the Iron Label series. These eyecatchers are instantly recognisable by their naturally finished curves and the birdseye maple fretboard. Moreover, the RGDIX6MRW has a classy rosewood top while the seven-string RGDIX7MB features a luxureous Surreal Blue Burst finish. With their 26.5" scale lengths, these Ibanez guitars prove that a real metal guitar doesn't need to be black.

Wide range

Of course, Ibanez has much more to offer than just the shredders mentioned above. For instance, the AR725 and the AR620 are two richly decorated guitars that are highly versatile. The Talman series is also back in full force. Whether you prefer the TM1702M or the TM1730M from the Prestige line, or the more affordable TM302, you can expect plenty of modern Ibanez technology and a gorgeous traditional sound. Of course, this is just a small selection from the entire new collection. In the related products section below, you can see all the new electric guitars Ibanez has in store for us in 2016.
Be sure to keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.
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